VISSER Speedrouline trieuse

VISSER Speedrouline trieuse
Photo: VISSER Speedrouline trieuse
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Modèle Speedrouline
Type trieuse
Localisation Pays-Bas Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
Mise en ligne le plus d'un mois
Autoline ID UZ8917
Numéro d'enregistrement 0350150925
Information supplémentaire: anglais
Culture: Vegetables
Visser Speed Rouline is a drum seeder on a conveyor belt and is designed to seed in trays
The drum seeder is used for a higher capacity than the Granette nozzle seeder
The heart of the machine is the rotating drum in which a vacuum is created
On the outside surface of the drum different rows of nozzles are placed
A high capacity can be achieved by synchronising the speed of the sowing drum and the speed of the conveyor belt
with 4 drums
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